Mechanical bull round Western inflatable

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Mechanical Bull Round

Western inflatable




Double (Dual) Premium Western Themed Round Mechanical Bulls


Ride off! IS THE ULTIMATE competition mechanical bull. The full right off system comes complete with two premium mechanical bull units.

The rider start at the same time and the clock starts running.


When the first rider falls off their bull both Bulls stop.

The winning rider stays on to challenge the next competitor to see how many opponents they can beat.

As soon as one rider falls off. the bull stops instantly and the other rider is declared a winner and ready to take on the next challenger.

Each one of the automatic mechanical bull programs is linked to the two LED digital time clocks giving the current time achieved so both the operator and the rider can see how long the rider stayed on the bull

All our mechanical Bulls are premium models they are the best riding mechanical Bulls and the safest in the world. Safety is paramount so OUR premium mechanical bull is fitted with our unique automatic stop sensor. As soon as the rider falls off the bull stops instantly. What sets the premium mechanical bull part from the competitions BUDGET BULLS.

1) All our premium Bulls have soft rubber/foam safety heads
2) There are six preset automatic competitive levels
3) All our premium Bulls have 2 LED time clocks for competitive competition
4) You have a choice of three different inflatable mattresses that go around the mechanical bull

16’ x 50’ Diameter floor space
9’ ceilings for indoor events
3 electrical outlets 15amp or 20amp (these are generic outlets in everyone’s homes)